Signwriters, Signwriting, Hastings

Signwriters, Signwriting, Hastings

Meet our Team

Everybody loves individuality when it comes to graphics. We are a family focused bunch here at Sign Central, pushing creative boundaries while creating an individual look for each of our customers.

From our sales team through to our creative designers and signmakers, we are all on board to give  the absolute best in outstanding signage and branding helping you stand out in the crowd. We also provide an independent window tint service for your home or business, find out more here

PS Oscar the office dog is a face you may have come across when entering Sign Central as he seems to think he's the reception greeter . Don't be fooled by his big stature and greeting bark, he is the biggest girls blouse and is more scared of you then you are of him. He warms after a while and if you bend down to his level and stick your hand out he will be your newest friend. 

Doggie treat supplied !

PS Read more about our proud history as Sign writers in Hawke's Bay here


Hi I'm Sam ( aka Brents son) I spent several years in Australia learning everything I could about the signage industry and brought it back to Sign Central 5 years ago.  I enjoy problem solving and building, nothings to big ! I have a Licence to Drive.....everything and anything and into Drones and RC cars.


I'm Dylan, into outdoors, skate and snow boarding, MTB and football in my spare time. I have a bill stickering and sign writing background and have also spent some time in landscaping roles. One thing you won't know about me, I can't read an analogue clock, lucky for me, there a plenty of digital ones here so I know when it's time to head off for the day !


The Dad, Sams Dad, Brent. You will find me at Sign Central with the lads often working on some handwritten signage or out on large jobs where my signage skills and experience are needed. If not, I'm on the golf course. 


Hey I'm Conrad ( aka as Crad) I have a graphics and screen design background as well as sign writing and also Youth work. I enjoy inline hockey and rusty cars and DIY on our new ( old) home and hanging out with my kids. You may not know this, I once had a design accepted into the Wearable Arts Show.


I'm Daniel, aka as The Sales Guy. I'm a signwriter and enjoy the creative side, I have a Bachelor of Design from Vic. I'm also the Sales Manager here at Sign Central so the first contact for many of our customers. 


Hi from Kate, no nickname here that the boys say to my face. I have a Bachelor degree and been working in design and print since 2011. Out of work I enjoy Netball, walking the doggos, drinking all the coffee and spending as much time as I can with my baby girl and my partner!

Signwriters, Signwriting, Hastings


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